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Put Work Into The Right Hands With Biz6S Project Management Software



For many business owners, managing people ranks low on the list of favorite aspects of running the show. There are always a million things to do, and no one wants their time leeched by tedious micromanaging. Yet everything flows from the top down. Biz6S looks to give small and medium business owners a simple and smart tool for managing workflow.





Save Time And Streamline Work

Biz6S is a web application that works like an online assistant manager. While there is no shortage of project management software available – BaseCamp, EasyFlow, 10,000ft, ProjectManager, ProWorkFlow, to name just a few choices – these options are often overkill for the small business or early-stage startup. Their exhaustive capacities overwhelm the owner’s needs. Despite the intention to create more free time, mastering complicated features or going through a lengthy configuration process achieves the opposite. What’s more, for businesses with procedures already in place, adjusting components of daily operations already functioning well to accommodate software proves an unnecessary hassle.


Biz6S keeps things simple. It helps managers communicate with employees by facilitating three objectives.


  1. Defining a job – creating a list of the tasks required to complete a job
  2. Assigning work – distributing tasks to employees and setting due dates
  3. Tracking progress – monitoring when employees finish tasks and when a job is completed


No uploading files and documents. No creating avatars. No remodeling e-mail systems already in place. Biz6S’s approach to software is that less is more, aiming to, “deliver maximum usefulness and visibility into your work processes in the LEAST amount of time possible.”





For the young company looking to establish standards or for the small to medium business owner looking to implement protocol without disruption, Biz6S puts the same enterprise resource planning tools used at large companies in the hands of owners. In addition, an entrepreneur might easily manage mobile employees using Biz6S.


The Offstage Manager

Founder David Ho also owns, an IT services and technology consultancy, which he has run since 2001. Specializing in Microsoft server technologies, he’s been an independent business leader helping small and medium business owners in Orange County with their networking and technical issues as well as all their computer IT needs. He graduated from UCLA in 1993 with a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering.




Ho’s work at RIAP made him aware that small business owners lacked the standard operating procedures and automated management programs crucial to efficiency and growth. He saw no reason why his customers shouldn’t have the same office management tools that law firms or medical practices paid enormous amounts for in order to operate smoothly. In the spirit of self-starters, he set about solving this problem himself. Down the road, Ho envisions Biz6S as the, “ for managers, department heads, team leads, entrepreneurs, small business owners and bosses everywhere who need to better manage their people to get work done.”


Currently, Biz6S is in beta. Clients of RIAP have been invaluable testers, allowing Ho to enhance and refine the application. Take advantage of the free trial period – and lend your valuable feedback – by visiting here.


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