Bitrix24 Launches New Program – $1.2 Million Grants For Startups. You Don’t Want To Miss This.



Bitrix24 is kicking off a new $1.2. million program of grants for startups. They are giving startups and entrepreneurs a chance to test out the company’s awesome social intranet tools. We caught up with Bitrix24’s Stephen Ankenman to talk about the exciting new grant program.


Tell us a little bit more about the new Bitrix24 $1.2 million grant program. What goals do you want to achieve from this new initiative?

The Bitrix24 Startup Initiative is a large-scale opportunity for startups to get a major boost in production and collaboration.


We see the initiative as a progressive marketing effort. Interaction with the audience is the soul of the social trend, and we needed to do more than just put up a Facebook page. Furthermore, there are not a lot of cloud services that are targeting small business – this is remarkable to us because it’s clear that although the cloud works for big companies, they have choices.  Small companies, on the other hand, are able to afford these valuable business tools specifically thanks to the cloud.


What do you think are the top benefits of social intranet use for small businesses and startups?

There is no question that online access to files and tasks, automatic notification, CRM, instant content sharing and comprehensive search are in demand among established small businesses and startups alike. These tools save time.


And while having the right tool set is important, having it all in one place is no less crucial. With a single platform, access permissions are simplified, notifications are unified, search is accomplished through a single access point, and users only need to acclimate to one interface.




Any other important details/info you want to add?

Bitrix24 is also simple in its pricing politics.  In the cloud, there is very little incremental cost per user, so our paid plans allow unlimited users. Further, a team or company of up to 12 can use the service for free. Paid plans include additional functionality such as extranet, reporting and time management. The Bitrix Startup Initiative provides users with the full functionality of the product without charge for a full year, and a continued deeply discounted rate after that.


Oh Yes, one more very important thing…

The first 50 sign-ups coming from KillerStartups will receive free licenses as part of the Bitrix Startup Initiative. To participate, register for the free version of Bitrix24 by following this link and send an email to [email protected] with the name (domain name) of your Bitrix24.