Feeling A Little Bird-Brained After Too Much Eggnog? Don’t Let Your 2012 Memories Fly Away! Organize Photos And Videos In One Place With Birdbox


‘Tis the season for looking back and taking stock of the year. Maybe it’s a sign of age, or the need to stay connected with the physical world while spending more and more time online, but some of my top 2012 moments included bird watching. My friends have laughed too. I can take it. I know what I saw. I’d have an easier time convincing everyone of the glory of my aviary viewings if I’d kept better track of my photos – if I’d collected them using Birdbox.






Boulder-based Birdbox lets you keep your photos and videos from numerous services in one place. House all your visual media from iPhoto, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and more in one location where you can actually find them.





My top birding moment was trekking to a ravine in the Condor National Park in Argentina and seeing a pair of rare condors circle close overhead. Man, are they ever ugly – like a cross between a turkey, vulture, and a drone plane – but watching those enormous birds fly is astonishing.





Turns out remembering who has what photo and where it’s kept is just as rare as a condor sighting. With Birdbox, you can access a photo using a #hashtag on any type of mobile device or preferred service.



No need to keep quiet while viewing your favorite shots. Create nests that let you group content as you like. Share with friends and family, building collaborative nests. Subscribe to a nest to receive updates on new content. This would be a great way to keep all your memories of holiday parties and family gatherings organized this year. And if you’re feeling a little bird-brained after too much eggnog, a Birdbox search will help you sift through archived pictures, filtering by theme or host service used.


Birdbox is co-founded by CEO Ben Nunez and CTO Kevin Cawley.


Nunez is a graduate of Tulane University. Before Birdbox, he created XIF, Inc., which he bootstrapped to a multi-million dollar operation developing products (video, mobile, and social media apps) for large media companies. Witnessing the challenges those enterprises faced trying to manage their media assets inspired him in part to build Birdbox as a solution. A hard time sending a photo to his mom on Mother’s Day gave him motivation as well.


Cawley earned his Masters in computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Previously he worked as the Head of Technology at LinkSmart and co-founded socialeyes, a platform for brand social leveraging.




A Birdbox account is free of charge. Request an invitation to join here. Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. A holiday seed round for the company, anyone? Couldn’t resist. Sorry, but I have a hummingbird that lives outside my office window, and it’s getting tough to keep phone videos, camera shots, and the likes straight. And I need them organized so that I can keep my cat entertained should my swift little friend ever leave.


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