Billbooks Online Invoicing Software Keeps Pace With The Speed Of Your Business


The pace of business doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and keeping up with the competition (in addition to coming up with a killer product) could very well come down to how well a startup is able to streamline their operations. Staying on top of your company’s books can seem pretty daunting, and take up a huge portion of time, (especially if you can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant).


Don’t panic! If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your company’s invoicing and estimating needs, you’re not alone. You just so happen to be the ideal customer for some competitively priced products designed to help with that very problem.


Sagar Kogekar, founder of Billbooks, recognized this almost universal need for effective billing support. He spent the next seven years working with his team of super-nerds on developing the perfect solution…




Online Invoicing Software for Startups

When it comes to online invoicing software for startups and other small businesses, innovative companies like Billbooks are striving to carve out a name for themselves. Billbooks offers a customized and nuanced billing service for people who need to send professional looking invoices to customers and clients, while also offering help with keeping tracking of profits and losses.


Dreading the end of the month may seem as natural as wanting to take a nap after downing your second sub of the day, but with the right invoicing software it’s pretty easy to stay on top of billing. In addition to sending professional looking invoices, you are also going to need to keep track of estimates, and profits and losses. Good or bad, your expense reports will help you figure out what your next move will be, so you might as well make the process as painless as possible.





Asking for money is almost as fun as getting asked for money, so making the process easy for your clients is a no brainer. Embedding an invoice in an email gives you and your company credibility and streamlines the whole deal for you and your client base.


Depending on your particular location and target demographic, you may also want to consider the language settings for your billing system. Billbooks makes it really easy to send out invoices in multiple languages, because expanding your customer base to include non-English speakers is not just culturally sensitive, it’s good business.





There are multiple products on the market right now, and most have monthly membership fees which might be an OK option for startups with stable and consistent cash flow. However, if your cash flow is less predictable or if you are still bootstrapping your way to the top, a pay per invoice option may be a better fit.


Billbooks has rates as low as 30¢ an invoice. There are some things you shouldn’t pay for though, like transferring existing invoices from another system or from your personal computer, which is another feature Billbooks seems to be hoping to capitalize on.




Having your books under control will give you one less reason to panic, so put the antacids away and start getting proactive with online invoicing software at Billbooks. With your invoices and billing taken care of, you can then focus on the real problems at hand – like what to order for lunch… or whether sitting on an exercise ball at work will really compensate for that two sub a day habit.


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