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Psychology School Guide Helps You Find The Best Psychology Schools Online



My very first college class was Psychology 101, and I absolutely loved it (especially because I’ve got a few crazies in my family, so it was useful to better understand what’s going on in their heads). I even considered changing my major to Psychology. But alas, I am a wandering freelance writer who’s a little crazy myself. For those of you who are actually thinking about finding Psychology schools online, is your one-stop-shop.


Make an Informed Decision

From Associates to Masters programs, is giving you knowledge and insight so you can make the right decision about what educational institution suits whatever psychology qualification you’re looking for. Equipped with program requirements, the site makes it easy to navigate through a multitude of institutions.





How it works


1. Search schools

The site allows you to search schools by:


  • Subject – covers just about every type of psychology ranging from counseling to forensic to clinical.
  • Program – choose from every type of degree or qualification
  • Campus type – choose from online, physical campus or both
  • Zip code – you can even find programs nearest to specific zip codes




2. Degree Levels

The site also has a great feature that allows you to click on various degree levels to get an overview about that particular qualification, top programs, admission requirements and even a salary forecast for that degree level. These include:



3. Top Programs

The top programs from almost every type of psychology are listed on the site so you can click and learn more about what that specific type of psychology entails, including types of degrees, career opportunities and expected salary. It then lists all the accredited programs.



4. Top Careers

The site also lists the  top psychology careers complete with  job duties, job outlook, salary prospects, and educational requirements. The information on each career is comprehensive and truly gives you a good idea about what to expect in that specific field.



For those of us who like pretty colors and graphics and things, the site even has infographics that explain specific psychological careers in a clear, animated way. Kind of reminds me of something you would see in an elementary school classroom (in a good way!)





Psychology Blog

And finally, what would a modern online site be without a blog? They’ve got that covered too, with great articles ranging from Benefits of Earning a Psychology Degree Online to Psychology Degree Scholarships for Army Professionals so you read, learn and be even more informed about your impending career in Psychology.


If you’re serious about a career on Psychology, or even just curious, is the comprehensive site that is helping you find out all there is to know so you can make an informed decision about what educational institution is right for you. Check it out, get schooled at the best psychology schools online, and help the crazies of this world. Is that politically correct? Probably not. But you know what I mean.


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