KillerStartups Roundup: The Best Of Startup Life

You’re busy. We get it.


best of startup life


The fast pace and crazy work hours of startup life make it impossible to keep up with all the latest startup news, trends, and tips – and worrying that you’ve missed out is no way to begin the weekend. That’s why we’ve rounded up this week’s hottest startup stories from KillerStartups below.


Killer Startups

  • Beer?! No doubt pre-approved by Homer Simpson, this app is both the question and the answer. Do you want to meet for a beer? Of course you do! And now it’s incredibly easy to get together for a cold one.
  • Too often, task management software takes spay gun aim at improving workflow, and just using the tool becomes its own job. Rescoper keeps eliminating unnecessary work locked firmly in its sights.
  • Ditch programs not working, move resources to plans showing a greater ROI. Sounds like a simple enough marketing strategy, but it can take time and money to perfect. Or, a tool like Allocadia, a cloud-based solution for managing marketing performance.
  • Outfield. No, not another playoff baseball app, but, yes, an ace mobile tool that keeps teams connected in the field and improves coordination for more productive CRM.


Living the Startup Life

  • Taxes and death: the only two certainties in life, right? Well, another burden is fast becoming inescapable. And it is a major problem for young entrepreneurs, discouraging boldness.
  • The work pressures placed on startup founders are no joke. The relationship between partners shapes both business and personal well-being. So, would anyone be surprised if co-founder dating becomes standard protocol?
  • Few are inclined naturally to love negative feedback. However, learning how to listen to what you’d rather not hear is one of the best skills an entrepreneur can develop. With a few pointers, negative feedback becomes a powerful, positive force.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Just because the swoosh worked for Nike doesn’t mean that turning it upside down or sideways or shortening… Just stop. It’s not going to work. Avoid these 3 designs to prevent disastrous logo fails.
  • A small or nonexistent budget for marketing isn’t uncommon for bootstrapping startups. That doesn’t mean anyone is off the hook from getting in the game. Hint: social. There is still a way to build a smart and scalable marketing program.
  • Embarrassing social media photos can ruin business faster than the tequila shot competition that lead to them in the first place. Go ahead with your facepalm and get over you shame – now pay attention to how you can remove unwanted content.


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