Best In Beta: ReviewTrail

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While most online business owners have learned to respect the power of customer reviews to make and break company fortunes, it’s not often that you hear entrepreneurs mention the need to handle reviews proactively. This is surprising since it’s already widely accepted that a great review can attract or sway new customers so effectively.






Startups would do well to take a page from the entertainment industry when it comes to reviews – trying harder to generate buzz by spurring early reviews. Why wait for an audience to find you when there are ways to manufacture and motivate one in advance?


Take the Right Review Path

ReviewTrail is a new web app for gaining customer reviews and managing reviews. They understand the essential role of reviews perfectly: “Get more reviews. Get more customers.”


ReviewTrail helps businesses connect with their customers and encourage supporters to create reviews. Tools send review invitations through email and also give customers a toll-free number to call and leave recorded reviews. It’s sound strategy to give customers a variety of ways to leave reviews and to make sure that they can make their voices heard quickly, easily, and frequently.






People appreciate authentic opinions. We all want to trust reviews, so we need to know that they’ve been written by folk like us and not a robot or PR hack. To this end, ReviewTrail allows businesses to request human-validation. Before investing the effort to respond to reviews, ensure that they’re the real deal.


Though maybe less novel than tools for sparking reviews, review management tools do come in handy. Here ReviewTrail lets business owners manage an unlimited number of reviews for multiple businesses from one dashboard. Best to stay on top of reviews from the get go and to maximize their potential for engaging customers positively.


Visit to to find out more before they launch and to line up for a pending 30-day free trial. Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with the San Diego-based startup’s latest moves.


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