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A True Technological Marvel: Health Insurance Simplified By BeneFinder

One of the most frustrating aspects of health insurance is the feeling that there’s no one to turn to for asking questions or finding straight answers. Hard to believe that brokers and providers aren’t looking to maximize profit. Find the information you’re looking for on the ( website? Can’t blame you at this point for not believing that free and unbiased assistance is available, but it is.



BeneFinder is a free service that helps individuals and families match with health insurance plans from either or the open market. Fees for the service, the same no matter  what plan you choose, are paid by the health insurance provider (already included in the cost of the plan), so there’s no additional out-of-pocket expenses for individuals. BeneFinder’s only interest is in finding the right plan for you. What’s more, they’re bound by law to help find best price offered through each plan.




Fees, deductibles, copays – there’s enough math and complicated variables involved in determining the actual costs of health care for anyone to feel like they need a consultant. offers assistance not only with finding plans, but with enrollment. Consultants even take questions you might have about bills or filing claims later on after you’ve signed up for an insurance plan. The service provides expert guidance at any time, aiming to simplify health insurance.


The only thing BeneFinder might not take into account is the risk of heart shock when clients receive clear and fast answers. After responding to a few quick questions, BeneFinder can help individuals find a new exchange plan to meet unique needs. The service can also calculate if someone is eligible for a federal price subsidy. Basically, they find a way to reduce costs and keep costs low.



According to the website, BeneFinder’s analysis is invaluable because the service provides “the ONLY tool that can provide estimates on how much you’re likely to spend in copays, prescriptions, etc. for all the plans you’re considering. This helps you compare TOTAL COSTS, not just the monthly premiums. You’ll make better plan decisions and save money too.”


BeneFinder works for businesses looking to find health care solutions as well. Simply put, employees have more options now and no longer need to stay in undesirable positions for the sake of keeping their health insurance. BeneFinder assesses what plans a business might reasonably offer employees in order to keep their talent in house. BeneFinder also partners with insurance brokers looking to beef up consulting services.



David Blanchard, Founder of BeneFinder



Based in Richmond, Virginia, BeneFinder was founded by David Blanchard and a team with several years experience in both health care and benefit management consulting. David received national recognition in 2012 for his outstanding work, being given the “Most Innovative Partner/Consultant Award” by Healthcare Consumerism Solutions magazine.


Visit to begin comparing health insurance plans quickly and easily, receive recommendations, or have questions answered at any point in the process of navigating plans. Spare yourself further health insurance headaches – and really save yourself some money and peace.


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