Looking For The Best Motivational Posters To Hang In Your Office? Behappy.me Will Make Your Day


We all need a little motivation sometimes, especially when we’re trying to grow our startups. Even better is when our favorite quotes are in plain view for us to see and be inspired. Behappy.me agrees. They boast the largest collection of amazing quotes on posters, greeting cards, framed art prints, and canvases so you can get your daily motivational fix.



We caught up with Lauris Liberts, co-owner of the Draugiem Group (Behappy’s creator) to talk inspiration, numbers, and new projects.


What inspired Behappy.me?

The idea for Behappy came from the observation, that people tend to really enjoy sharing all sorts of inspiring quotes on social media. After having checked out the biggest quote sites, they were all ugly, and weren’t monetized. It was obvious, that there was room to get ahead of all the quote site competition. And by monetizing these quotes, we’re bring it into the 21st century.




Everyone loves a little inspiration, so I can imagine the site is very popular. Can you share some numbers with us?

At the moment we’re generating about 60-70k unique visitors per month. It used to be that our Cyber Monday deal brought us the most sales per day, but just this past month we’ve upped traffic so much, that we’ve been able to top our sales records.





What are your goals for the site in the next year?

Right now we’re looking to keep going in the same direction. A major goal for us in the next year is to make some big changes to our quote generator.


Do you have a particular inspirational quote you live by?

Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


Liked it so much we made a poster of it on Startup Vitamins (also one of our “experiments”).


What’s next for The Draugiem Group? Any exciting new projects we should know about?

Actually, we’ve just launched a new project last week. It’s called Printful, and it’s a drop shipping service. Essentially, it lets anyone with a website monetize their content. So you can sell your slogans or logos on things like t-shirts, posters, mugs, etc. What makes it special is that we have an API that you can hook up to your site, so that the orders go straight to us, eliminating the manual work.




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