There’s More Than Spelling To This Bee – Tutoring Services Give Students A Stinging Advantage

School is hard. Being a student is hard – and with technology transforming workplaces so that employees need to learn new skills more frequently, learning how to learn might be the most important lesson for any student. Best to gain an edge as soon as possible.


Bee Academic Tutoring Services makes sure that students start off on the right foot and stay on path toward academic success. Tutors provide in-home private tutoring to give each student the attention he or she needs to meet educational goals.



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Residents in LA or Orange County are especially in luck, since tutors will travel to houses for face-to-face lessons. What’s more, the first consultation, including an assessment and recommendation for tutoring, is free of charge, representing a savings of as much as $200 that might easily be spent at a learning center.


Online Tutoring Everywhere

No one need be left out, however, because Bee Academic’s tutors are adept at giving online lessons on a variety of platforms – Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and FaceTime.


Before you ask, yes, tutors are familiar with Everyday Math and Open Court programs.






Tutors give math, science, and English lessons (including ESL instruction). They also teach Spanish and other languages in addition to assisting with standardized test preparation.


Tutors interface rather than intervene, communicating with teachers in order to help reinforce learning school curricula. Tutors can help students in pre-K through 12th grade classes, college, as well as the home schooled. Teachers are credentialed, experienced and personally interviewed to join Bee Academic.


A Tutor for Every Student

One-to-one learning is the only way to fully address each student’s needs. Since no two students learn alike, tailored attention is the hallmark of Bee Academic Tutoring Services. Tutors prepare custom lessons and give the direct feedback vital for educational development. Regardless if a student needs help keeping pace with coursework or is looking to accelerate growth, tutors are keen to the task.


Lessons incorporate textbooks, worksheets, project assignments part of school curricula as well as additional materials when necessary. As opposed to a separate learning center, Bee Academic Tutoring Services focuses on complimenting existing coursework. Tutors enhance academic skills as well as give kids added confidence – and inspire that extra effort that otherwise might go missing.


Nothing compares with receiving lessons in a private, comfortable setting. Who couldn’t use a personal academic mentor? Bee Academic Tutoring Services provides both in-home and online tutoring that equips students for long-term educational success.


Visit for more information. Email [email protected] or call 562.421.3272 (toll free: 866.427.1070) to inquire about beginning lessons.


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