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Beat Candy Crush Saga With Candy Crush Aid

Candy Crush Saga took 2013 by storm. The most popular app of the year by a landslide found people across the world glued to their cellphones, tablets, and computers, counting down the seconds until their lives renewed. Dollars (and pesos and euros) were dropped and candies were matched and cleared at a record-breaking rate.



In order to cater to the hordes of Candy Crush fans (fiends?) smaller companies have popped up throughout the interwebs. One such company is Candy Crush Aid, which does exactly what you’d think: helps people navigate their favorite game by providing Candy Crush help.




Feed that sweet tooth.

The number one feature of Candy Crush Aid is their guides to the different levels. Choose between the hardest and the easiest for basic info about the level, plus a video showing you how to beat it.


If you want to get a bit more in-depth, check out Candy Crush Aid’s blog posts. With titles like “9 Candy Crush Tips You Should Know,” and “Getting Extra Lives Without Waiting,” I’d be surprised if the blog wasn’t one of the most popular parts of the site.


For people who are just arriving to the Candy Crush universe (and, if the numbers are to believed, there aren’t that many left out there), Candy Crush Aid also gives a rundown of how to play, complete with a warning at the beginning that it’s very likely you’ll get addicted.




So be sure you don’t get any cavities.

The blog also addresses one of the big controversies of Candy Crush: the fact that some people are dropping serious cash on the game. Because it’s carefully engineered to, 1) get people hooked and, 2) get people to spend, Candy Crush is estimated to make up to $1 million per day on it’s users.


If you’re worried that you’re fascination with those little colorful candies is on the unhealthy side of addiction, check out the post “Are you addicted to Candy Crush Saga?” for a reality check.


The man behind it all.

The founder of Candy Crush Aid is Tyler Horvath, a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur who created his first site – an ecommerce page for automotive aftermarket car parts- at the young age of 17. Since then, Tyler has been busy pumping out and selling over 30 websites, Candy Crush Aid being just the latest in a line of successes.




So, Candy Crush fans, head on over to Candy Crush Aid and feed that sugar addiction!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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