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Audiogalaxy App – Vengeance Is Sweet

Music lovers, like me, have problems fitting our huge music playlist from the computer into our phones. Seems impossible, right? The idea of having your whole iTunes playlist fit on your phone, it probably never even crosses your mind. But of course you have had moments when you want to hear a song, but couldn’t, because of the lack of space. Michael Merhej and partners made the impossible; possible. Their startup, Audiogalaxy, was created for people who wanted to take their whole music collection with them, everywhere, without the use of extra devices, just their phone.





The Yesteryears Of Audiogalaxy

Merhej started his project at the University of Texas in Austin. Merhej would later create FolderShare, later bought by Microsoft. Foldershare was renamed Windows Live Sync.



If the name Audiogalaxy rings a bell it’s because it was once rivaled with Napster back in the day. Separating itself from Napster, Audiogalaxy allowed for its users to chat with each other. It was a peer-to-peer site that also got hemmed up in the court system due to issues with file sharing. Audiogalaxy ended up settling out of court. Months later, Audiogalaxy was no more.


The New and Improved App

After years of laying low, Audiogalaxy saw an opportunity to come back; playing by the legal rules this time. Audiogalaxy now allows smartphone users to carry their WHOLE music playlist in their pocket. Along with that, users are able to create their own “Mixes.” Mixes can be easily modified, by excluding unwanted artists and by choosing the variety of songs to be played. Mixes can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.


Though playing back your mix on the web is free, mobile access will come with two pay options. A user can pay 12 dollars for 3 months or 36 dollars a year. Audiogalaxy is offered for both iOS and Android users.



How It Works

Audiogalaxy uses the internet to keep you connected to your music from your computer while you carry your phone. The twist, your computer must stay on. This may seem like a pain for some, but think, all of your favorite songs streaming straight to your phone. Amazing service for people who spend time in their car and at the gym and use their phone as a music source.


For people who are maybe tired of other popular streaming sites and would like to vibe to their own music from their computer, enjoy the Audiogalaxy app.


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