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Your Message Deserves Better. Be Heard Above The Noise With Audienti

Do you feel like a blindfolded kid swinging at a piñata when it comes to your marketing strategy?

Audienti is a SaaS solution that makes sure your efforts reach their target. It’s an internet marketing platform that helps businesses grow more traffic by ensuring that the right content reaches the right people through the right channels. Automated campaigns, better SEO, and finely tuned social media strategy broadcast messages so that they’ll be heard as intended.




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Matching With Your Audience

Who are your customers exactly? Audienti helps identify your audience so that you direct your content to the appropriate people. It helps you find customers, track your interactions, and analyze conversations within your market. These measures help to understand your audience better and to construct content so that members are engaged more effectively.


Recognizing influencers across search, social, news, forums, and blogs allows businesses to give more attention to the people that will help expand the reach of messages as much as possible. Concentrating effort this way saves both time and money.


Speaking of savings, Audienti spares business owners the painstaking labor (and costs!) of conducting their own market research and analysis, so that they can devote their attention to the relationships that will drive more traffic and sales.


Blanket advertising just doesn’t cut it any longer. By identifying audience members, Audienti enables business to reach individuals with personal messages. Custom content = relevant content, and relevant content keeps people listening.


Smarter Efforts

No point in repeatedly posting on Twitter if your audience hangs out on Instagram, for example. Audienti tells you where your audience is at during different times so that you can manage your outreach more productively.


Likewise, finding the right keywords makes a huge difference when it comes to generating social conversations. Hardly anyone’s favorite task. Audienti does the dirty work here as well, identifying the keywords that best push conversations.


Faulty SEO practices are an easy way to sabotage your hard work. Audienti makes sure you don’t take any missteps. It pinpoints issues before they become problems, while also helping to maintain consistent branding.


More than an afterthought

Too many businesses shy away from marketing under the assumptions that it’s too time consuming, expensive and unpredictable. Audienti proves otherwise. Software does the work for you, discovering people and actions you need to take for better results – with precision.


Looking to track your competitors? Find new audiences? Hone your content so that you connect with your audience and can grow your business. Learn more about how Audienti can help you at


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