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Create Astonishing Email Campaigns With This Fun Service

Email marketing is one of those necessary tasks that no one really likes to do but everyone knows they have to do. An effective email marketing strategy can push your business from “okay” to “killing it” but how do you get your company to that awesome point?


Obviously no one is born with an innate understanding of how to draft and manage great email newsletters, which is where tools like Astonish Email come in. Astonish Email promises to help you create beautiful email newsletters that bring results in mere minutes.


From execution to analytics.

The first step is to take that list of contacts you’ve been building and upload it to Astonish Email’s system. Unlike other email builders that make you re-format your contact list, Astonish Email is a simple copy/paste and you’re good to go.


Once you’ve got everyone added, the Email Builder lets you add text and images that will keep your contacts engaged. You can also link them to your social media accounts, growing your following as you connect.



There’s no point in implementing an email marketing campaign if you can’t track how it’s doing, so Astonish Email also offers real time analytics. You can see who’s opening your emails, when they’re opening them, and what links they’re clicking on once they’re in. Use this data to build better campaigns in the future.


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What’s it gonna cost me?

Astonish Email offers a range of packages but you always get the option to start with a 14 day free trial to figure out if you’re into it. For those small businesses who only need to send 2,500 emails per month, check out the £25 option. You can up your number of emails all the way to 50,000 monthly, which will set you back £100.


Astonish Email also offers Partner Plans, which cover the same amount of emails but let you include multiple client accounts. This is probably the best option for you hustlers out there who are managing marketing for multiple companies and need a fast, beautiful way to do it.


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Why they do it.

Founders Adam Knight and Adam Lovelock started Astonish Email because they “passionately believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy” and they want to help them grow. Small business owners themselves, the Adams inject a much needed bit of fun into what is, traditionally, a pretty boring industry.


When you’re done setting up your first campaign with Astonish Email, treat yourself by watching them go head to head in Wheelchair Basketball. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.


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