Jawad Ansari Brings Big Data And AI-Powered Intelligence To Litigation

Jawad Ansari AssistMyCase CEO

Last week I sat down with AssistMyCase CEO, Jawad Ansari. Ansari brings 18 years of global operating and investment experience, as a founder and CEO of several operating and investment companies, including HiveMind, GCube Capital, Miven Venture, Skyline Venture, etc. Through the investment firms Ansari co-founded, he made investments in over 50 private companies, and over 100 venture capital funds, private equity funds and hedge funds, in US, China, India, Europe and S. America.


Currently, Mr. Ansari is serving as the founding CEO of GCube, a tech investment company that primarily focuses on strategic capital raising and M&A, as well as current founder and CEO of AssistMyCase™.




AssistMyCase™, is a San Francisco based enterprise SaaS provider of Litigation Intelligence products and solutions for Civil and Commercial Litigations to the Global 5000, law firms, insurance companies and hedge funds. AssistMyCase Litigation Intelligence starts from the time the case is filed, assisting in the litigation strategy formulation from the outset. As the litigation proceeds, AssistMyCase’s intelligence gets smarter, detecting patterns and anomalies, increasing the probability of success for their clients.


For Corporations and Litigators, this insight and foresight on their incoming litigation cases is quite like how the insurance and mortgage industries perform due diligence on their prospective clients. Thus, AssistMyCase is effectively creating what could be described as the Litigation Underwriting​®market.


Listen to my interview below with Jawad Ansari, CEO of AssistMyCase.


Originally published on Tech Hustlers.


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