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ARNI Says: There’s More To Our Furry Friends Than Funny Memes

If you’ve ever taken an animal home from a shelter, you know that they are the best pets ever. Abused, discarded, abandoned during disasters – they have every reason to distrust humans yet they always always turn out to be the most loving creatures imaginable.



Pure animal genius. We could learn a lot from our dogs and cats.


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What would the world online look like without our furry friends? They are the best ambassadors for the Internet. For all that they do, here is a chance to show them the love they deserve, especially those most in need of care.


The ARNI Foundation is a 501(C)3, non-profit organization, no-kill animal shelter in Daytona Beach, FL. They’re committed to rescuing animals from around the world that are in danger of being euthanized. This St. Jude’s of an animal shelter specializes in healing and finding homes for the “lost causes,” the animals others have given up on. In addition to their daily amazing efforts, they’ve led incredible missions like rescuing dogs from Sochi, Russia, and taking in animals after Super storm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina.



arni says



ARNI Says, their online storefront and website, now offers delightful pet products for sale – furniture, collars, leashes and more. 100% of the profits made on their original Kitty Kasa Collection go back into running the shelter and saving the lives of more animals.


“If you buy this bed,” ARNI Says, “a shelter cat will also sleep tight tonight.”

Designed with the shelter’s needs in mind, the Kitty Kasa modules are meant to be indestructible, easy to clean, easy to stack, and great for the animals of course. Each purchase of a cat bed, gym, toy, results in shelter animals continuing to receive things like medicines and a roof.



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Venture to the nearest pet store and you’ll know that the standard cat tree is less than perfect for your average wear and tear, definitely not easy to clean, and crazy expensive. Kitty Kasa products offer attractive alternatives, with the bonus feel good incentive that sales allow the ARNI Foundation to keep doing its wonderful job.


Check out the live feed in “catopia” to see animals enjoying the goods available at ARNI Says. This will win you over on the quality of the products (if not convince you to adopt a new companion!).


How good is the ARNI Foundation? They also provide low-cost shot clinics and low-cost flea & tick medications to the public. So please give them a visit. Keith (a two-time rescued cat adopter) says support their efforts by buying Kitty Kasa products.



kitty kasa collection shop arni says



Or straight up donate to the ARNI Foundation. Or adopt a rescue animal. While you’re staring into the illuminated screen for hours, the little purr engine in your lap will make work so much better.


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