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Any Business Using iPads Should Get This Protection




I’ve never had to spend the night in a hospital but I know from watching plenty of TV that one things doctors do when they’re making their rounds is check the chart at the base of each patient’s bed. Back in the day, that chart was always on a clipboard that the attentive doctor would rifle through but these days, things are different.


I remember the first time I saw an iPad being picked up instead of a clipboard on Grey’s Anatomy. The moment stood out to me because it was almost the exact same action that I’d seen in hundreds of depictions of hospitals on television and yet the difference in technology was so vast.


The iPad is now an essential tool in workplaces across the country, from real-life hospitals to coffee shops. It’s not, however, a particularly sturdy piece of technology. While clipboards could be dropped over and over again without any consequence, letting a iPad slip is a very, very expensive mistake.




ARETE Enclosures has a great solution for any business that uses iPads on a regular basis and doesn’t want to have to replace broken ones on the regular. They have three options for their “rugged” iPad cases, depending on a company’s needs: hand-held, a floor stand, and a fixed countertop one. All of the options provide the flexibility of holding an iPad in your hands, without the risk of dropping it.


Made from aircraft aluminum, all of the ARETE Enclosures have a custom cable management system for keeping everything organized, as well as integrated ID card holders for photos, OCR software digitization, and credit card reader integration. They also have a glass screen protector that is waterproof, shockproof, scratch resistant, warranted against breakage, and resistant to stringent cleaners.


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.20.04 PM


Although still a new product, ARETE Enclosures are already installed in over 100 locations in 21 states, a number that they expect to see rise quickly, as they’re getting between 25 and 50 orders for new ones each month. With a goal of selling over 1,000 Enclosures by early 2015, don’t be surprised if you spot one in your doctor’s office of favorite restaurant.


ARETE Enclosures is also currently raising money on the startup funding website Fundable. If you’re an accredited investor who thinks these should be in the hands and on the desks of healthcare providers everywhere, check out their profile for more info.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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