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Appreneur World: The Source For The App Designer In All Of Us



Everyone knows that apps are where it’s at these days. With millions of thumbs glued to millions of tiny keyboards across the world, there’s not much of an argument against jumping into the exploding market that is the app world.


There’s even a term now for that person who makes his living designing the little buggers: appreneur. While the name may conjure up the image of a ccoder typing away in his dark apartment, face lit only by the dull blue glow of the computer screen, the truth of the matter is that all kinds of people are developing apps these days.





That, of course, brings up an obvious issue: the skills needed to create an app are not ones commonly held by the majority of the populace. Design and coding are specialized skillsets that take years to perfect, years that most people with an idea simply don’t have.


But don’t despair, wannabe appreneur! There’s a startup designed just for you, assuming you have at least a modicum of experience in the field. Named (appropriately) Appreneur World, this site provides app starter kits, app reviews for when your baby is ready for the world, and resources to help you along the way.




Why do they want to help?

The forces behind Appreneur World are a group of creative app designers who are looking to create a community of likeminded designers who can share information, resources, and solutions. Their site is hoping to be a hub for people who are actively interested in creating a community.


What do they have to offer?

Under the “Resources” tab you’ll find a list of blogs related to app development. There’s also a site that the founder recommends using, stating that it’s one they’ve used “for many years.”



Want to design an app but not quite sure yet what it’s going to be? Click on the “App” tab for a small library of featured apps. Scroll through them for inspiration; you never know where your next great idea may come from!


Source Code

If you’re looking for some more detailed guidance in developing your app, check out “App Game Source Code.” Appreneur World has five game source codes you can choose from, ranging in price from $70 to $750.  Think of these as blueprints for your app: they’ve done all of the initial work for you and now you get to customize.





I’m assuming you’ll also want to check out the apps before you a buy a blueprint, which you can do quickly and easily in the “Trailers” section.


App Review

Another useful service is the App Review. If you think you’ve got something great on your hands but would like a second look, submit it to Appreneur World for a full review. Just fill out the form they provide and include your App ID, URLs to the app download, video download, press release, and social media links and then sit back and wait for the response.


Appreneur World is a new resource for all of you burgeoning app designers out there. Go check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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