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Anghami Brings Streaming Music To The Middle East

I take Spotify for granted. I thought everyone had access to Spotify, but I was wrong. Music lovers in the Middle East are having a rough time jamming to their music due to horrible web connection and having limited access to music sites like Spotify. Thankfully two entrepreneurs found the solutions for music lovers in the Middle Eastern. Say hello to Anghami.




The Middle Eastern Version Of Spotify

Unfortunately Spotify is not available in the Middle East. No worries. Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib together both took action, allowing for the music lovers of the Middle East to see the musical horizon in the distance. Anghami will allow for people to stream their music from their mobile phones and computers.

Mobile First, Web Second

Anghami will follow in the footsteps of Instagram releasing the app on mobile phones first. Instagram found much success with mobile users, with their idea of launching on mobile phones first. Seeing that mobile phones are everywhere as oppose to laptops, Maroun explains, “We believe that it’s the age of mobile, more than Web.” Mobile phones can be taken anywhere and are used more frequently. Anghami’s idea to launch the mobile version first will allow for the app to get a better response before it hits the web. Since I personally do much of my music listening away from my computers since I’m always on the go, these young entrepreneurs must have the right idea.



Problems With The Market And Internet

Maroun and Habib knew that creating such a product would be a hard task. The people who supported their idea made it a bit easier for the two. They caught a break when Middle East Venture Partners founded 5 startups, Anghami just happened to be one of the five.


Anghami has already inked deals with Sony Music, EMI and Warner. Giving Maroun and Habib’s startup a plethora of music. Not only will Arabic music be available but Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj will likely be enjoyed by many. It’s amazing that Anghami will be the first to stream Arabic and international tunes.



Dolby has partnered with Anghami allowing them to use Dolby’s system called Dolby Pulse encoder. Dolby has found a way to compress files and make them sound like high quality, as if you are listening to a CD. On top of that, bandwidth is saved due to the small compressed files, freeing up data space.


Music lovers of the Middle East will soon have something to cheer about. Anghami is finally here, helping people who have previously been left out of the streaming music club.


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Author : David Hopkins

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