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Cherry Pick Your Top 5 Angels



There is so much more to factor in to finding the appropriate investor for a startup than wallet size – experience, influence, access, character, location – to name just a few considerations. Angel5 looks to help founders connect with the investors on AngelList best suited to lift each particular business off the ground.


Angel5 is a free tool, “a founder-friendly dashboard for finding early stage investors on AngelList.” Angel5 offers lists of Top 5 investors based on aspects most relevant to a company. Founders can browse lists by market, region, or team – growing a network of prospective investors who hold desired qualities or shared interests.




The landing page displays recently trending lists, organized according to Former Googlers, Yield Management, even Moms. Teams listed include Techstars, Launchpad LA, Google Ventures, and 500 Startups. The regional search is broken down into areas like Silicon Valley, New York, Boulder, while different market lists have been created with the following groupings and more:


  • education
  • fashion
  • mobile
  • e-commerce
  • subscription commerce
  • travel


Sean Percival, co-founder and CEO of Wittlebee and a former VP at MySpace, cooked up Angel5. He can empathize with founders who expend a lot of time and energy fundraising; he experienced the time crunch firsthand while raising money for Wittlebee, a subscription-based kids clothing club. He believes Angel5 incorporates some of the intuitive elements behind finding the right investors that spreadsheets can’t supply. He aims to save founders time and help them tap into the great potential within AngelList.




Searching for the right investor often requires more art than science. Percival appreciates this, and quickly points out that lists are generated more according to editorial judgment than by algorithmic computation. A mix of data, themes, gossip, and market feedback combine to conjure lists of prospective angels.


Angel5 is not affiliated officially with AngelList. The website is more like a pair of magic glasses meant to be worn by founders, a lens that zeros in on people relevant to each startup founder’s needs. Users can search existing lists as well as suggest their own.





Above links to each angel investor, a follower count suggests the scope of influence any investor might have. This would be helpful if visibility is a determining factor – while some projects benefit from big-name backing and publicity, others work best if they have time to grow out of the spotlight with a less recognizable figure giving support.


If someone appears missing from the lists, there’s room onsite to nominate individuals as well as suggest what lists the investor should be added to. Below each list, a Facebook comment box should stir lively discussion as to whom belongs on lists and where, eventually becoming a resource for founders in it’s own right. Sign up for an email subscription if you want to receive notifications of new lists posting. Happy and speedy hunting!


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