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AmberCart Helps You Add A Shopping Cart To Your Blog Or Business With Just One Line Of Code



The days when selling your product through your blog or site required a programmer to come in and build you a robust shopping cart system are officially over. Thanks to AmberCart, all a blogger or startup has to do now is copy and paste some code and voilà, customers have a shopping cart where they can purchase your physical or digital goods. Finally, it’s as easy as pie.


I’ve had many conversations with startups who would benefit by being able to take their startup to the next level by allowing customers to more easily buy their products in a simple and efficient manner. Unfortunately, not everyone is tech savvy, which has traditionally been an issue. Successful tech startups are smartly and quickly solving these issues and AmberCart is no exception. It’s an entrepreneurs dream.




After including the one line of code from AmberCart, then all you have to do is set up your product through their simple menu system which allows you to designate exactly what the product is that you’d like to sell. It’s quick and easy.


Additionally, what’s great about AmberCart is that it also gives users accurate shipping rates and options from UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS. The rates are spot on so no more guessing from the user’s standpoint about just how much it’ll cost to get them your great product.





Not only that, another great feature is that you’re able to get even more specific about shipping. For example, you can set up flat rates for domestic shipping and another flat rate for international orders. In addition, you can choose whether your product should be shipped to your country only, “low risk countries” only, or any country. This specificity in shipping is such a great feature that will work well with many different kinds of businesses.


Also, your awesome digital goods are available through a secure download once the transaction has been completed. The link is sent to your customers via email so they can download a copy immediately. There’s even a cool security feature built it whereby if the system notes that the link has been shared and downloaded by others, the link will become instantly disabled.




The other part of AmberCart is that in order to process credit cards, you need what’s called a “gateway” which connects credit card transactions to banks because AmberCart is your shopping cart only. Luckily, there’s the gateway Stripe which charges no monthly fee and 2.9% + .30 for each transaction. And yes, Stripe is specifically recommended by AmberCart.





For low volume use, AmberCart is 100% free. The rates begin to rise depending on how much revenue your site generates, which is a great thing. For businesses making $50 – $500 per month, it costs $9 a month to use AmberCart. There are rates in between, but if you’re generating $5,000 – $20,000 per month, then AmberCart will cost you $39 a month. If you generate above $20,000 then AmberCart will give you a custom quote on how much it’ll cost you to use their service per month.





Overall, AmberCart is a really simple and wonderful solution to any blogger or site who wants to start selling their products from their site immediately. It’s never been so easy to add a shopping cart to your site. With just one line of code, AmberCart has done the work for you so you can concentrate on more important things… like being the most successful entrepreneur you can be.


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Author : Sam Melon

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