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Should You Sign That? Find Affordable Legal Services At LawTrades

Question: What are the two things you have the least of when you’re bootstrapping a startup? Answer: Money and time. While I can’t wave my magic startup-fairy wand (where’d that thing go, anyway?) and grant you more hours in the day or make investors appear with cash in hand, I can do the next best thing and point you to tools that can help you save both.



Today I want to introduce you to a fellow startup called LawTrades. As you could probably surmise from their name, LawTrades is a site dedicated to helping you connect with legal services, either in real life or in real time, depending on your needs.



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Who’s it for?

It’s for YOU, whoever you are. Obviously I’m focusing on the startup founders out there because, well, that’s what we do at KillerStartups, but LawTrades is really for anyone who needs a little professional help with the law.


The more traditional service that LawTrades offers is a platform that allows you to find lawyers in your area, see when they’re available, and make an appointment for free. No more searching through The Googles in hopes of hitting on someone who is both good and affordable and then picking up your phone to make the appointment. LawTrades lets you click, click, click, and done!






But they’re not just an online secretary for law services…

The extra special feature part of LawTrades is that it lets you come up with, sign and send legally binding agreements anytime, anywhere. While I’d probably use this for silly stuff like making my roommate promise that she’ll clean the bathroom once a week and getting my cat to agree to x-amount of cuddles every day, this is actually a serious tool that could help a lot in day to day situations.






There are a million little interactions that happen all the time in the daily life of a startup founder that could and should have a legally binding contract attached to them. Everything from employment agreements to non-disclosure contracts (don’t get Zuckerberged!) to that bet you made with your co-founder about when your Facebook page would hit 1,000 likes can now be legalized, almost instantly.


LawTrades is currently invite-only and will be operating first in New York City. If you’re in the NYC area, jump on over to their site and request and invite now! If you’re not, don’t worry – I have a feeling they’ll be playing in a theater near you soon enough.


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