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A Celebration Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship With A Total Disruption

A month ago I highlighted the top three YouTube channels for startup founders, one of which was Ondi Timoner’s awesome series, A Total Disruption (ATD). I was super impressed by Ondi’s presentation, content, and generally badassed-ness, so when she reached out to tell me about an event ATD is hosting in LA this weekend I jumped at the opportunity to tell you guys about it.



For those of you in that sunny southern California town who are totally sick of the holiday parties that have been jamming up your social schedule the past couple week, ATD is offering something totally different and totally fresh. This Sunday, December 15, 2013, at 7:00 pm head over to The Echoplex for an evening honoring innovations and the innovators behind them.


a total disruption


What’s so special about it?

I caught up with Ondi from the typical LA meeting spot – her car. We chatted as she rushed from a shoot to the next stop in her day about what she’s deeming “an evening of audio, visual, and cerebral inspiration.”


“We want to celebrate the explosion of innovation and entrepreneurship that we’re just seeing the dawn of here,” Ondi told me, her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation coming through even in the tone of her voice.


An event like no other.

That’s what Ondi promised me Sunday night is going to be and I’m inclined to believe her. Featuring graphic artist Shepard Fairey in his alter-ego DJ Diabetic spinning the music, Amanda Palmer performing and the debut of a documentary about her, reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and a performance by “tech titan” Tim Chang, the night sounds like the perfect mashup of talking, listening, dancing, and boozing.


What started as a Kickstarter thank-you party evolved into a full-on fundraiser for a project that ended up being much bigger than Ondi originally expected. Basically, this powerhouse of a woman is trying to transcribe every single interview with every single innovator she’s spoken with to turn them into a searchable library of content. Her goal is to create something so extensive that you could enter something like “Tony Hsieh marketing” and come up with everything Tony Hsieh had to say about marketing when he spoke with ATD.




When Ondi originally conceived of the project and Kickstarted it, she thought she and her team could knock it out by the end of the year. When they really dove in, however, they realized that there was a reason no one else had done this already: It’s hard.


In order to raise the extra funds to get the ATD innovator library off the ground, Ondi and crew are inviting you to come celebrate with them. Kickstarter backers from the original campaign who earned the party perk will still be honored with VIP status, free drinks, and gift bags but anyone else who’s interested can drop $40 for a chance to hobnob with some impressive thinkers in the LA scene and dance the night away.


If you’re interested, head over and get some tickets ASAP.



Don’t miss the ATD Soirée w/ @amandapalmer, DJ Diabetic @OBEYGIANT, @alexisohanian, @onditimoner – 12/15 @TheEchoLA


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