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Protect You Car, Family, And Belongings With 911 Tracker T3

My very sweet, very naive neighbor (let’s call her “Annie”) recently had her car stolen from the driveway right next to her house. The thief (or thieves?) had come in through her unlocked door and grabbed the keys that sat in a basket next to the door and then hopped into her car and took off. Throughout the whole thing, my neighbor – whose boyfriend snores – slept peacefully in the bedroom right next to the front door, earplugs firmly in place.



Last time I spoke with Annie her vehicle still hadn’t reappeared, despite reporting the theft to the local police. Her current theory is that someone with a drug problem stole her car and took it out of state, stripping it of all identifying features in the meantime.


The reason for this scary story is that today I learned about a Kickstarter campaign for a company called 911Tracker T3. It’s the kind of thing that Annie really could of used, two weeks ago.



More than just theft protection…

Your car is one of your biggest investments – and it’s also one of the most dangerous items you own. 911Tracker T3 not only helps you track your car after its been stolen but also gets you in contact with the nearest 911 dispatcher as soon as an emergency happens.


For example, if your car is carjacked, the T3 will inform the police of exactly where the car is and which family members are in the car. Having the police notified immediately means that you save precious time, which is critical in a car theft or a carjacking.




It’s also totally secure.

In order to activate the T3, you need your secret 5-digit PIN, after calling from your number. You can also designate friends or family members as additional emergency contacts. Those will be the only numbers that T3 responds to, outside of emergency services.


And it can be used for non-emergencies too.

While you’ll hopefully never have to deal with a carjacking or a theft of your car, there are more common situations that pop up in every day life. Parents of teenagers can use the T3 to check on their location and children of elderly parents can utilize it to make sure that their folks are safe. It also shows you the current status of the ignition, vehicle alarm, and vehicle battery voltage reading.


Probably the coolest security feature, though, is the ability to remotely disable or enable the starter. That means that if someone steals your car, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t be able to get far in it.


It’s too late for Annie to track her stolen car but I think I’ll head over now and recommend that she donate to 911 Tracker T3’s Kickstarter campaign so that she never has to deal with the hassle of a stolen car again. If you can relate, I’d recommend you do the same.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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