Bargain Hunters Unite! 24Daydeals Changes Up The Online Shopping Experience

Ok, let’s be real. Shopping this time of year is about as fun as getting a root canal. That thrill of finding a deal and scavenging through merchandise has long since worn off, and (if you’re anything like me) the incessant clanging of Christmas music is making you borderline homicidal.


Take a deep breath, tap into some eggnog, and crack open your laptop. Online shopping is the solution. Obviously shopping online wins when it comes to convenience but it has a tendency to lack a little in the excitement department.




Bargain Hunting Season

Evolution has given us a couple of cool things. The ability to walk on two legs and the capacity for verbal communication are nice, but among the more pertinent traits we humans share is an insatiable love for “the hunt.” Ok sure, browsing deals page by page online can give you a little buzz but there is nothing like scoring a crazy deal from the comfort of your couch.


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The only trouble is that normally this kind of consumeristic nirvana occurs only after an extensive search of really boring websites. This is where Mark Duppen and Gijs Mooren’s brainchild, comes in.




24Daydeals is trying to break into the market by offering shoppers a one-stop-shop for the best deals on stuff they might want to buy. Instead of going site to site looking for that amazing bargain, 24Daydeals searches the web for you and compiles the day’s best deals all in one place. Sounds too good to be true, and if you wait longer than 24 hours… it is.


Each deal is only valid for 24 hours which introduces a little bit of adrenaline into the online shopping experience, though these stellar prices will definitely get your heart pumping all on their own.


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Aggregate vs. aggravate

The 24Daydeals model tries to differentiate their site from the competition by rummaging through sites like:

  • Woot
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • 1Sale
  • DailySteals
  • Cowboom
  • Tanga


Aggregating all of these steals could be a big hit with busy shoppers looking to avoid some of the stress that comes with buying boatloads of presents. The prices are obviously great, but the other cool by-product of collecting all of these deals from so many websites is the insane variety of merchandise available.


fav brands


Another feature worth mentioning is the 24Daydeals’ personal shopper. If someone isn’t impressed with the day’s offerings they can fill out a wish list for the types of things they would be interested in buying. The 24Daydeals personal shopper will notify users by email when something on their list hits the site.


personal shopper


Looks like the fat guy in red might have some competition in the wish list department. Mostly because he’s not real, but also because 24Daydeals will soon have something he doesn’t – an app. Soon, users will be able to check out deals with the help of the site’s handy little iPhone and Android apps, (available before Christmas 2013). You can also connect with the folks at 24Daydeals on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


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24Daydeals | Courtesy of Mark Duppen