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You Know Where You Can Post That Next Baby Photo?

It’s a funny thing – watching my nephew take his first few steps is an amazing, joyful experience. Watching the first steps of someone I’m not related to… Well, a person can only be truly amazed about any particular incident a certain number of times, right? You know this is true. I know this is true. Yet, somehow the parents among us forget this part of our nature when using Facebook.



23snaps is a photo-sharing app meant to help families share the wonders of watching a child grow up. Privately. Parents create profiles for their children and then share family photos and videos with an exclusive group of family and friends.


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Watching little Henry make a funny face when trying broccoli for the first time: hilarious. Watching 400 little Henrys try broccoli… OK, that’s still hilarious, but in most cases, too much of other families’ children diminishes the magic. 23snaps prevents such child-growing overload by limiting shared media to interested parties.


For Parents, By Parents

Co-founders Ivalio Jordanov and Yury Tereschenko were both dads-to-be when they had the inspiration for this London-based startup. They wanted a way to let distant family members feel present in the lives of their children while also respecting the privacy of the family. 23snaps aims to provide an easy, safe, and fun way to share photos and videos, not to mention, keep a record of all those special moments (so that one day Junior can save himself money and his therapist a lot of time with a clear picture of the roots of his angst and self-loathing. Kidding.)






Relatives and invited friends may receive email notifications when new material is added. In addition to photos and videos, parents can also enter growing-up measures like height, first words, etc. So, more than just a photo app, 23snaps serves as an online baby book, a digital album of Bonnie’s firsts and most precious moments.


Launched in January of 2012, 23snaps now has over 25,000 registered users. The family-friendly app is free of charge, available on iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows 8 and from the website. View content through a timeline or gallery view.






Why 23snaps? Healthy human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes (counting the sexual chromosome, only truly a pair in females). Hence, 23snaps is a healthy means to share the wonder of watching kids grow up – while still keeping friends on other social networks.


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