10 Mobile Apps That Will Change The World


by Sean Casto


Each year, it seems a new crop of apps comes along that wows consumers and has inventors wondering why they didn’t come up with such a great idea. Consumers are looking for ways to automate every aspect of their lives. Apps are now replacing credit cards, telling us when to wear rain boots, and teaching our children the ABCs. Sean Casto, founder & CEO of PreApps, shares these 10 new mobile apps that will revolutionize how we perform everyday tasks.


1. Go Mobile

In the future, we will be paying for everything using our smartphones. For U.S. Bank customers, the future is here. Go Mobile provides qualifying FlexPerks cardholders with a special iPhone case that can be used wherever Visa payWave® is accepted.


2. iPassword

Consumers are using their phones for shopping, banking, bill-paying, and more. iPassword keeps passwords and credit card numbers safe inside its “vault,” unlocked with one master password known only by the user. This will permanently change the way we bank, check e-mails, and log into accounts.


3. Dark Sky

We’ve all been caught in an unexpected rainstorm without an umbrella. Dark Sky goes beyond the usual weather app, letting users know what the weather is like now and what it will be in the immediate future.


4. Xbox SmartGlass

This app allows users to turn their smartphones or tablets into remote controls. The app allows users to search for Xbox music, video, games, and interact with friends. Xbox SmartGlass can turn a mobile device into a second screen during gaming, expanding possibilities for the user’s gaming experience.


5. Eatible

This app helps users with food allergies by displaying a list of safe and unsafe foods, designated by happy or sad faces. Eatible can also help make dining out easier by providing allergy sufferers local restaurants that cater to their specific needs.


6. Roximity

Coupon apps are nothing new, but what about a coupon app that blasts deals to your phone based on your current location? Businesses can better communicate with consumers about current deals and users can save big at their favorite stores.


7. Beimmunized

Today’s busy parents and those traveling abroad shouldn’t have to carry paper records to every appointment. Belmmunized helps parents manage a child’s immunization history directly from their phone. This provides proof of immunization to school administrators, helping both parents and schools keep students safe and healthy.


8. Cozi Family Organizer

Now the entire family can keep up with everyone’s calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, and more. Shared lists can be updated from any computer or mobile device, with changes available immediately. Parents can assign tasks, swap shopping lists, and more.


9. GoPollGo

These days, people can be indecisive, often checking with friends and family before making a decision. While posting a question on Facebook or Twitter can get answers, most people find that responses are limited. GoPollGo lets users create polls with their phones that they can easily post to all social media, leading to better decisions made with others helpful feedback


10. FlyDelta

Using the airplane’s wi-fi, users can see the ground below as they fly high above, without looking out the window. This app, and it’s inevitable competition from rival airlines, will allow passengers to feel as though they are exploring the world as they travel above the clouds.


Sean Casto, a Boston-based entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of PreApps.com, a new social platform connecting pre-release mobile apps and their developers to the mobile app user community. Casto discovered this under-served niche of the market through his business experience in the industry, both as an employee and as an app and web developer himself. He has been an analyst for Tapwalk, a location-based mobile app development company, and served in logistics at Wayfair, a leading e-commerce conglomerate.



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