ZZ.gd – URL Shortening Tool

ZZ.gdZZ is an easy-to-use web-based application for turning long URLs into shorter ones. Simply enter the long URL that you’d like to shorten into the box provided, and ZZ instantly spits out a new shorter URL that you can use to share with your friends.

Shortened URLs are a great way of avoiding having your links break and make sharing much easier. ZZ is a new entry into this already well-represented space. Testing of the service did prove that the engine is fast, however, a “long” URL of 22 characters was entered, and ZZ cut that into a “short” URL of 19 characters. Perhaps not the best test result ever for a URL shortening service.

ZZ.gd In Their Own Words

“Make your URLs shorter with a simple click.”

Why ZZ.gd It Might Be A Killer

URL shortening makes sharing easier and ZZ could become an easy to remember option due to their URL.

Some Questions About ZZ.gd

How do they plan on gaining traction in this swamped space especially considering the fact that there is no revenue share offered? ZZ.gd