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Zyprexa is a prescription medicine for the treatment of schizophrenia, and acute manic episodes of bipolar I disorder. And is where you can both buy it, and read all the prescription and usage information that could help you decide if such a medicine is what’s needed for the treatment of a loved one.


As it’s explained on this site, Zyprexa is a psychotropic medicine (IE a medication that affects the mind), and its scientific name is Onlazapine. It was first approved in 1996, and more than 16 million people have been prescribed it to this date. People who take Zyprexa don’t have to deal with the typical side effects of other psychotropic drugs such as hallucinations, apathy and social withdrawal. Zyprexa is meant to be taken daily, and that can be done both with and without food. also includes some questionnaires and tests that patients can take to better understand their mood symptoms, and that caregivers can take to have a more accurate insight into the minds of patients.

All in all, features all the kind of information that patients, caregivers and health institutions could need before deciding to use such a drug.  And information for using Zyprexa in countries other than the US is likewise provided on the site – check the “ZYPREXA Outside the U.S.” link to learn about the requirements and restrictions that apply.

Author : Mery Fisher

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