zTalent.com – A Community For Technical Professionals

zTalent.comThis website stands as a community for technical professionals, where said individuals can showcase their skills for free and (hopefully) get noticed by employers and the big boys out there. As any other community site on the WWW, the site doubles as a way of becoming acquainted with related people and forming bonds, either for business purposes or as a way of forming new friendships as you go.

The site revolves around test questions that are posted by others, and which can be duly answered by those who have the technical knowledge to do so. Whenever a question is answered, the one who solved the dilemma gains reputation points, and these will give any prospective employer a better idea of his skills and expertise. Taken together with the profile page of any individual, these reputation points can make the difference when it comes to the big crunch.

In addition to that, the site includes a jobs board that members can check whenever they desire. Taking into account the way the technological industry is doing right now (just like any other industry, actually), it is always nice to know that you will have employment options if you need them.

zTalent.com In Their Own Words

“The community for technical professionals.”

Why zTalent.com It Might Be A Killer

The site offers a platform where tech workers can get to know each other, and also find jobs should they be on the lookout for employment opportunities.

Some Questions About zTalent.com

What features could be added in order to make this network become a mainstay? zTalent.com