Zooppa.com – Video Social Advertising

Zooppa.comZooppa.com is a user generated online video social advertising.

It provides designers and video makers the opportunity to bid on contests from big brands to create commercials for them. It is committed to the vision of real people and real companies conducting business in a creative and rewarding viral context. This means stimulating the creative talent of those who have no voice in the traditional advertising setting. Based on the briefs the companies provide, users are invited to create their own commercials for that brand. Participation in a Zooppa contest can take many forms: designing an animated sequence or creating a print ad with the company logo, writing a script or concept for a potential ad, or actually shooting their own video.

Zooppa.com In Their Own Words

“Zooppa is, therefore, a new advertising model based on the Internet and the possibility to connect people from all over the world by putting them in contact with another.”

Why Zooppa.com It Might Be A Killer

Gives ideas to marketers and brands on what people see a brand as and creates ideas (crowd sourcing) on what a brand should be. It also distributes these videos to the you tube’s of the world, therefore providing huge brand building.

Some Questions About Zooppa.com

Do the big brands really trust this system? How many of them use this website? Zooppa.com