search cancel – Your Advantage in Property! has been created to transform the way users find, track and market homes in the UK by providing free information and tools to help make more informed property decisions. These services have been designed with the aim of creating a transparent marketplace and they believe that information should be free and easily accessible to everyone.


These services allow: users to get access to free, instant value estimates on over 26 million UK homes, buyers to make offers on any home, not just the 4% of homes currently on the market, owners to test market interest in their homes without having to list them ‘for sale’, agents and sellers to market their ‘for sale’ listings completely free, anyone to ask questions and share their knowledge about any homes or neighbourhoods, and all users to view local information such as crime and tax rates, school results, etc. Their estimates are constantly refined by their team of analysts, using the most recent data available and a variety of statistical methodologies, in order to provide the most current information on any home. In Their Own Words

“Zoopla! is transforming the way people find, track and market homes in the UK by providing access to FREE value estimates and recent sold prices and offering FREE for sale listings and the ability to make offers on ANY home.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Zoopla! is the UK’s first community property website where users can view and share information that they won’t find anywhere else, and is fast becoming the must-use resource for anyone interested in the UK property market. Zoopla! provides free instant value estimates together with sold prices on any UK home, and allows sellers and agents to list homes for sale for free. With unique features such as TemptMe! users are also able to set a price they might be willing to consider for their home without listing it for sale, or even make offers on homes not on the market. Unlike other property websites that are presented in a read-only format, everyone can participate on Zoopla! by adding and editing information about any property, uploading photos, and by being able to interact directly with other users by asking and answering question via AskMe!.

Some Questions About

Will people see all the benefits that this site offers? It seems to have so many services that people can take advantage of.


Author : Bruce Turner

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