See The Same Screen As You Browse And Talk With The Zoomvy Mobile App

Hold on, let me open my computer. Just a sec and I’ll send you the link. Are you looking at it now? Can you see what I see?


Sound familiar? Boy, we waste a lot of time attempting to communicate via smartphone, trying to make plans and share content. All because we can’t easily see the same screen.


No longer. Zoomvy Samescreen, as I’m sure you guess where this is going, is an app that easily lets other see what’s on your mobile screen. Sweet relief.




In their own words, You can use your iPhone, or Android phone to co-browse with your friends and shop while viewing the same screen. Show friends what you’re looking at on your screen, they can show you their screen, and you can talk and laugh and enjoy just looking.”


This means that you can watch movie trailers together, look at a schedule together – more easily make plans with friends. Instead of waiting for someone to download links, upload files, etc., going back and forth multiple rounds, you can cut to the chase because you’re absolutely on the same page, err, screen.


Think about how helpful this is reading reviews, browsing restaurants, trying to select a gift together from an online storefront… Mobile is where we want to have our conversations and do just about everything, and Zoomvy makes life interacting via smartphone much much better.


Do I really need to you to send me all of your photos from the weekend and slow my device down by running out of memory? No! How great to be able to just see each others photos immediately without transferring them or waiting for them to be sent.


Trying to select Airbnb digs, choose concert seats, decide on a meeting place with multiple people… It’s going to feel like a new level of freedom has been achieved by being able to see the same screen while we talk (and text) and browse using our phones.


Like all the best solutions, Zoomvy is a simple fix for smartphone inconveniences and it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s available for download on the AppStore and Google Play. If you’re interested in checking out how it looks or learning more about the app before you dive right in, visit


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