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Zoomission.comFor consumers, finding good and trusted contractors can be quite a journey. Consumers have to search through several sources like Yellow Pages, classifieds and the Web.


Plus, consumers have to invest even more time calling and reviewing contractor references. For contractors, finding customers is also difficult and expensive, as they have to post costly ads in local newspapers, Yellow Pages and classifieds.

The goal of this website is to bring together consumers and contractors at a low cost and promote high-quality work through feedback. Users can post their projects on the site, and be approached by contractors who will send their quotes in. The consumer picks the one who meets his expectations after reading the existing feedback for each available contractor. And once the job is done, they can proceed to rate the contractor so that the community as a whole benefits from the experience.

When it comes to the expenses that have to be met, posting a project on the site is free, and contractors are charged a small monthly fee to get access to all projects in their fields of expertise. In Their Own Words

“Zoomission is the place to get service quotes on construction & renovation projects, home improvement, landscaping, maintenance & repairs… Zoomisssion helps customers to get quotes and contractors to get customers, it’s that simple!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very good resource that effectively lets consumers to have the pick of the bunch.

Some Questions About

What is the exact fee that contractors have to pay? Is that a fixed one?

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