ZooMap.net – Map Your Images

ZooMap.netThe Google Maps API has spawned throngs of mashups. It seems that Cartography is having its heyday; maps are en vogue.

So now we have ZooMap, a Spanish creation, which lends itself to hyperreal conquering. You’ll find obviously, a map, as well as a selection of images. The goal of Zoomap is to cover the virtual map world with images. Select an image from the site, or upload your own; add a caption or message in the accompanying text bubble. Slice out your own piece of the world and make it yours, so all can see. There’s also the option to send in locations via email.

ZooMap.net In Their Own Words

“ZooMap’s goal is to populate the maps with user images. Is a tool where you can add any image on any place in the world, and leave a message in a text bubble.
As usual everything on the map can ve viewed by the other users and the images itself can be reused (recycled): You can send the address by email because each one has its unique url. Hurry up and populate zoomap with your images!”

Why ZooMap.net It Might Be A Killer

ZooMap is the wired equivalent of carving your initials in trees, or making stencil graphs on office buildings. It’s a bit of personal conquest over space. In the case of Zoomap however, it’s more conceptual and open as anyone in the world can see your images.

Some Questions About ZooMap.net

ZooMap has the appeal of a new toy, it’s fun for a time, but afterwards, it’s likely to be discarded or abandoned for something else. Does ZooMap have staying power? Will people come back? ZooMap.net