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ZookShop.comThere is more ways than one to create an online store nowadays. The startup being reviewed right now is one of them. And while it offers no unique or distinctive features, it must be said that it is a really easy-to-use application, with a simple UI and a lot of malleability.


Using ZookShop, you will be allowed to come up with a SEO-friendly website that will also be accessible on mobile phones. You will be able to pick your very own domain for your store – ZookShop lets you use the domain name that you already own as the main address for your shop.

And when it comes to the creation of the store itself, you will be provided with an HTML template system for creating your very own theme (complete with CSS and Javascript integration). Plus, those of you who are fluent web designers will be allowed to download themes (as ZIP files), edit them and then have them uploaded back again. In Their Own Words

Create your own online store.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let those who have always wanted to sell products online get down to doing it once and for all.

Some Questions About

How much does this service retail for? Can you try it for free?

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