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Zookoda.comMany bloggers rely on their visitors to make their sites profitable. The more visitors a blog site has, the more advertisements and sponsors a blogger can get.


Zookoda aims to help the blogger get more hits by sending out emails to visitors when a blogger posts new content. Zookoda allows the blogger to control the visitor subscriptions, track visitors, design the email, and determine broadcasting times and conditions. Best of all, the service is free. In Their Own Words

Bloggers, what”s in it for you?
As bloggers, we know that regular posts are key to attracting new readers and encouraging regular visitors to return to our blogs.

The problem is, once we have posted new content to our blog, there is little (RSS) to no way of informing visitors that its time to revist your blog. Wouldn”t it be great to have a way to promote your new content to visitors, encouraging them to return when your new posts are live? Ahhhh…Zookoda!
Zookoda Hmmmm!
Designed for bloggers, Zookoda enables you to promote your blog with the use of professional email newsletters. Zookoda is the blogger”s complete email marketing solution.

Zookoda offers you full control over visitor subscriptions, email design and content, broadcast times and conditions, and real-time reporting.

Register today… its 100% free!

Why It Might Be A Killer

More and more people are making a bonafide living from blogging. It is a whole new art form only growing in popularity. This email marketing system for bloggers is a great resource and tool to keep blog readers returning to their favorite blog sites.

Some Questions About

How is this different than the email subscription services of Feedburner, which offers an blog email subscription service and tracking device? How are they profiting? Have they thought about merging this email marketing service with easy connections to advertising services, so bloggers can market and get more ads/sponsors on one site?

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