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Zookel.comZookel is a new resource that has the objective of bringing together “quality candidates and quality jobs”. In order to do so, the site offers a wealth of features including video tools and social networking aspects that are used to make such an endeavor a more elastic one.

The site itself is subdivided into two main sections, namely one for employers and one for jobseekers. The former includes sections such as “How to recruit with Zookel” and “Using profiles to find top talents”, whilst the latter provides guidance and the resources for uploading your CV and a video presentation to go along with it.

As regards the provided search tool, this will let you specify not only the job type but also the job function and the industry. The Zookel profile is also set down from the available ones. These include “The Specialist”, “The Entrepreneur” and “The Juggler” to name but three.

In finishing, the website is a vey valuable resource that aims to make finding the right job a hassle-free task. You can try it out at the provided address and see if it resonates with you or not.

Zookel.com In Their Own Words

“Quality candidates and quality jobs. At Zookel we bring them together more effectively than ever before. Our unique career profiling, social networking and video tools not only help you find a better job faster, they also help make sure it’s yours for the taking.”

Why Zookel.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who want to have a job search experience that is as flexible as possible are certain to take a liking to the site.

Some Questions About Zookel.com

How often is the online database updated? Zookel.com