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Zmanda.comWith Zmanda you are able to back up your system easily to Linux, UNIX, Mac OS-X and Windows computers to a tape-, optical- or disk-based storage system. With prices ranging from $50 to $250 it hardly seems to be anything when you consider that it could save you from losing priceless information and have to try to rebuild your database, contact list or iTunes collection from scratch, many people will gladly pay to not have to deal with that sort of massive headache.

In comparison to other web based companies who are nearly impossible to talk to it is refreshing to see that Zmanda’s singular goal is to ensure Zmanda customers are fully satisfied and realize an excellent return on their investment. In Their Own Words

Zmanda training is designed to facilitate the skills development of your IT organization. We offer both online self-paced instruction as well as instructor-led courses for larger groups. Our training curriculum is designed to help System and Database Administrators become fully competent to install, configure and manage Amanda backup and recovery software and ZRM for MySQL.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With so much riding on your computer nowadays it is almost unthinkable to not protect your intellectual property and data. With Zmanda you can protect it for a reasonable price.

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Will anyone other than bloggers know about this software?