Zly.me – Shorten URLs Without Leaving Sites

Zly.meThere was a sort of frenzy not so long ago that resulted in everybody putting up his own URL shortener on the Web. That wouldn’t have been a bad thing if it wasn’t for the fact that every single one of those was identical to the other.

I recall I could come across three or four in a row, and the one and only thing setting each one apart from the other was the color scheme and the logo. Needless to say, very few were reviewed.

Now, two things have happened. The first is that these applications crop up less frequently, and the second is that the ones that do surface always have a characteristic that sets them apart. For instance, yesterday I reviewed one that could create URLs which had only 3 characters. It was aptly named 3.ly, and it was a simple concept that worked very well in practice. The same can be said about this site: it is a URL shortener that empowers you to create small URL without having to leave the site you are visualizing. This is achieved by installing a button that can be used on any site afterwards. It is simple, but quite effective and it can let you save time and procedural headaches. If you are crossing out annoying tasks from your list, this new tool might just help you cross another one out.

Zly.me In Their Own Words

“This is a URL shortener. Just click and drag the link below to your bookmarks toolbar, and then you can click on it to get a shortened URL for the currently open site, as well as links to post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.”

Why Zly.me It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one makes shortening URLs a very concise task.

Some Questions About Zly.me

Which browsers are supported? Which ones will be supported next? Zly.me