Zivvys.com – Follow Places And Get The Latest News

Zivvys.comZivvys is a new and clever social service that lets users follow locations, just like one follows people on Twitter. The idea is to enable them to get news, events and deals connected to these places they live in, or that they care about because they have relatives living there, or because they are visiting them in the foreseeable future.

A service like this one will be just perfect for those who are thinking about switching jobs, as they will be able to learn about the hottest positions available right where they live, and also where they like to relocate. It is all a matter of following the relevant places.

And businesses looking for insights into what their competitors are doing can also count on Zivvys to remain fully updated on all the activity that is going on in their close vicinity.

Zivvys is a free service, and accounts are created in seconds. And it is always possible to authenticate who one is both via Facebook and (as it is only suitable for what is essentially a location-based service) Foursquare.

Zivvys.com In Their Own Words

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Some Questions About Zivvys.com

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