Zingku.com – Mobile Messaging Gets Supercharged

Zingku.comZingku”s a new mobile service in private beta, which offers supercharged text and picture messaging through your cell phone. Zingku integrates with the web allowing users to fetch and store their photos and text reminders with alarms on a companion website.

Friends can share photos and posts with eachother and with friends of friends. Group messaging allows users to send texts, IM”s and email simultaneously, to better coordinate events and get togethers. There are also polls for decidint what to do, etc. And finally there”s Flyer, mobile codes that others retrieve by texting a magic code, and there”s Mashup, whereby you can fetch postings from an RSS feed or blog simply by texting. The service is free to use, although it”d be wise to invest in an unlimited data plan as well a texting bundle with your carrier. Also, Zingku”s only available in the States.

Zingku.com In Their Own Words

“Zingku”s mission is to enable individuals and businesses to “mobilize their passion” by leveraging their personal network.

Why Zingku.com It Might Be A Killer

Zingku”s tapped into a huge and growing mobile market. Everyone, even grandmothers and their sisters have mobile phones. More people are spending more time with their phones too, for work and for play. Zingku”s got a nice compendium pack for mobile usage, with incentives for merchants as well.

Some Questions About Zingku.com

Zingku”s not the only one out their offering mobile messaging and web integration– far from it. Mobile social networking is developing with celerity. Zingku, at this point, hasn”t the features, nor numbers to differentiate itself from the crowd. Zingku.com