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Zinepal.comThis is a new service that will enable you to create your very own printable magazine taking any kind of online content as the basis. That is, you provide a blog or feed URL and then select the content that you want to use for the magazine.


Alternatively, you can add content from any website, and even from Technorati search results in a similar fashion.

On the other hand, the zines that have been created by others can be procured and read through the site since you can provide keywords and see what comes up. Moreover, if you like the zines that a user has created it is always possible to receive their new zines the moment they are published.

Needless to say, busy readers looking for the best of the web and those who wish to read online content offline are going to make the best out of Zinepal. Besides, individuals like journalists and editors can use it to crawl alternative media. If any of these definitions apply to you, it might be a good idea to check the site out. In Their Own Words

“Now you are the editor. Use to create your own magazines and eBooks. You can select content from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds and other websites. reformats the content into a printable PDF and an eBook for use with the Amazon Kindle and other eBook readers. Now you can take your content wherever you go. Read your zine during your commute, in the park or your favorite coffee shop. You can also e-mail it to your friends or just let them subscribe to your zine feed on”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that it gives access to online content when offline will make it appealing to many, and editors and journalists will maximize it for the reasons mentioned above.

Some Questions About

How long can a PDF or eBook that you create using Zinepal be?

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