Zim.ly – A Media Player For Android Phones

Zim.lyIf you have Android running on your phone and you are looking for a media player application, enter Zim.ly. On this site you will learn about Zimly and its audio and video features. You will find information about this Android media application you can download from the Android store.

Are you looking for an Android media player? If that is your case, enter this site and check out this free media application. On Zim.ly you will find data on their different versions and its features. What is more, you can read blog articles and news about this media player.

Remember this site if you are looking for a free media player for your cellphone or smart phone. If you have Android, this application might be of help for you to watch videos and listen to music on your device. Pay a visit to Zim.ly and take a look at this medial player features.

Zim.ly In Their Own Words

“Zimly was designed and crafted for your Android device. Zimly is an easy to use, feature rich media player, wrapped in a beautiful custom interface. The idea for Zimly was born out of a need for a better media experience on these devices we love. We toil night and day to make sure that Zimly delivers on that promise to you.”

Why Zim.ly It Might Be A Killer

It leverages the inherent strengths of Android phones so much that it brings an unprecedented degree of flexibility to their users.

Some Questions About Zim.ly

Is Zimly free from start to finish? Or are there some features that come at a cost? Zim.ly