Ziddio.com – Get on TV

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Ziddio.com In Their Own Words

“Ziddio is the very latest in user-generated video sharing. People like you create videos and upload them to Ziddio.com for the world to see, laugh, question, mock, and even enjoy.”

Why Ziddio.com It Might Be A Killer

For one thing, Ziddio is different; the videos seem a little slicker, with higher production values than those found on YouTube, and the site is supported by real TV networks. With contests sponsored by ShowTime and HBO, it´s bound to generate interest amongst a broader audience. Plus it”s a great venue for budding film makers/actors to get their content out.

Some Questions About Ziddio.com

Will Ziddio potentially lose common users who don´t know how to wield a camera? Will the YouTube audience get bored without the usual fare of pratfalls and jokes? Ziddio.com