Ditch Bland Marketing Content For Only The Freshest Inspiration Found On Zest

Marketers work hard to inspire others. They excite people with the possibilities of using products and services, and attempt to motivate them into action. So it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of content generated online that concerns marketing – it’s big business, and it’s an enormous challenge to constantly inspire others.


We might politely say that there’s way way too much marketing-themed content available. As with just about any industry, between the news feeds and blogs and social media, there’s simply too much information to digest, even for those most interested.


Zest looks to freshen the scene for marketers. It’s a Chrome tab extension that helps marketers dial in on the best content available. Users gain direct access to Zest’s feed of curated articles that have been culled from the suggestions and publications of the best marketers around.


zest landing


Let’s talk time savings. Zest makes it easy to discover worthwhile marketing content, which rocks because no one has the time to search and filter content on her own. By zeroing in on the most valuable information, marketers may actually have the time to read content and implement what they learn.


Zest also serves in a way as a social network for marketers. By suggesting and sharing content through Zest, they can build their marketing identity. A Zest profile gives marketers a convenient tool to help stand out from the crowd and make connections. It allows them to become a leading voice in creating a better, more informative narrative. In the near future, Zest looks to sync with LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, which will add even greater oomph behind driving narrative.


What’s more, Zest is a handy place to bundle favorite content. No more sifting through files and links in order to retrieve inspiring materials. The best articles remain within easy reach.


So, if sifting through lackluster marketing content has drained your enthusiasm, and if you’re hungry for a means to quickly consume the best marketing content online and to build a more robust community, get Zest at zest.is.


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