– Reduce Your Footprint on the Planet

Zerofootprint.orgWe all owe Al Gore big time. Because of Al Gore, reducing the impacts of global warming is finally cool and creating all sorts of creative solutions.

Zerofootprint is a nonprofit that aims to reduce the footprint left behind by individuals and small companies. They first encourage people and companies to be aware of how much carbon they are emitting into the atmosphere through consumption (cars, heating, food, etc.) through an emissions calculator. Then help people find ways to lower those emissions. One such way is to allow individuals and entities to purchase carbon offsets directly. They work directly with sellers, usually tree growers, to make this happen and to make sure they are legally bound to leave the trees in perpetuity. The nonprofit gets a cut of the offset price to maintain operations, but one view of the website and its commitment to integrity and success justifies this fee. It is a smart idea whose time has more than come. In Their Own Words

Zerofootprint started with an idea about ideas.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Global warming is the biggest threat to our survival on the planet and this site helps us be a part of the solution to save ourselves.

Some Questions About

How are they marketing this site to the average person?

Will planting trees really offset that overseas plane trip?