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Zerista.comZerista is a site that will enable any person who manages a group, team or event to turn it into an interactive community that every member can access on his mobile. That is, Zeritsa is a true creator of mobile apps for communities.


These apps work on any web-enabled phone, and the creation process couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it is almost automatic in the sense that your input is kept to a bare minimum. You just create an account, name the community and set the respective functionalities.

Once the app has been created, the members of the community can communicate among themselves directly, and send messages to each other using platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Members can also create their own custom calendars, and the one who is in charge can embed interactive custom maps that will show everybody where the other members of the community are located. Useful for events and related activities.

Furthermore, Zerista comes with a set of merchant tools for the manager of the club or group to engage advertisers and let them participate in the whole process, offering their services and products to members of the community. In Their Own Words

“Zerista quickly turns your group, club, team or organization into an active mobile community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will effectively let communities of every kind be connected and interact to the full.

Some Questions About

Which further uses has Zerista got? What else can it do?

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