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Zeqr – The New Marketplace For Knowledge Sharing

Too often when we think of our online world, we think about limiting information. We talk about security and limits to access. We celebrate the likes of Snapchat, offering brief looks at shared content that is destined to vanish permanently…


At the same time – perhaps less flashy, but far more worth supporting and championing and cheering – the Internet continues to eliminate barriers to lasting knowledge. And one of the latest, exciting examples of the improving knowledge exchange is Zeqr.


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Zeqr is a global, knowledge-sharing marketplace that connects experts (Xperts) with learners (Zeqrs or seekers). The foundation of the platform supports real-time exchanges of information via built-in voice, video & screen sharing.


Through the Zeqr hub, experts (people, teachers, businesses, etc.) offer classes at the price and duration of their choosing. Ratings, and of course the platform itself, greatly boost the expert’s exposure and make it possible for him or her to share insights into any subject matter – with whomever is interested in learning, from anywhere in the world.


Knowledge seekers can find live sessions/classes in areas of interest that fit their schedule, knowledge level, and their specific interests. Unlike other learning programs or platforms, there is truly no limit on Zeqr to what content might be covered.


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Zeqrs visiting the website can search by experts and courses. They can browse by the most popular teachers and courses or explore by topic. (If you don’t find the class you’re looking for or enough open spaces, make a request and encourage more experts to migrate to this space!)


Already Zeqr features classes on hundreds of subjects, lead by hundreds of experts. If you want to learn tech skills, about entrepreneurship, etc. you have many options to deepen your knowledge on a broad range of topics. Categories you can search by include academics, beauty, business, communications, creative and graphic design, lifestyle, other, personal health, and technology.


Who can say for sure, one day we may look back on this time as the on-demand age. We have food, rides, and just about any other service you can name available to us at any moment, striving to cater to each individual’s needs. Knowledge is power and freedom. There isn’t another area that could effect profound change at the same magnitude as on-demand knowledge.


Zeqr has the potential to throw the doors wide open, enabling people to learn anything at will and experts to freely share their knowledge. To learn more about taking classes or to register as an expert, visit


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Author : Roger Hollings

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