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Zenzui.com In Their Own Words

“Enter ZenZui. Conceived in the research lab by experts in human-computer interaction and data visualization, and refined over three years of development, ZenZui represents an entirely new way to discover and consume the mobile web. With ZenZui, your phone screen is a portal into your own customized Zoomspace, an information landscape of personalized, cached content in the form of Tiles that directly reflect your lifestyle. Using a single thumb, you fly in and out of your Zoomspace – two simple taps get you directly to any Tile. Through some clever engineering, we constantly refresh your Tiles in the background, so they´re always fresh, available, and ready to be Zoomed.”

Why Zenzui.com It Might Be A Killer

Phone web-surfers are gonna give this a whirl and find that it lets you easily use the internet.

Some Questions About Zenzui.com

Why would I choose Zenzui´s services when I can just run out and get one of those new MacPhones? It´s a hard choice! Zenzui.com